High Ramblings about Love

“Love is a serious mental disease.”


I feel like the major difference between romantic love and family love is that with family it is (most of the time) obligatory. Well, I guess not most of the time but for me obligatory. Everyone in my family, that I’ve seen so far, feels obligated to love anyone who is blood. But that’s not the kind of love that fills us up. Of course, we cannot be without it, but it is just that, a building block. But if we are so lucky to be born into that, then the final form of love that fills us up is the second kind of love, romantic or platonic, but not either or but both really. We need to have people in our life who choose to love us. Who feel like they have no obligation or debt, but who genuinely love us and aren’t afraid to go as far as they need to show us. We need to have courageous people in our lives who inspire us to be better. A lot of us need that kind of love, a role model of some sort. Whether that be a friend or a lover. We need that person in our lives. And if we are so lucky to find it may we hold onto that love and never let it go.

High ramblings of a stoner…

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