High Ramblings about Inspiration


That is what I have.
Inspiration to accomplish things. To move on in life. To be a better person.
I am fucking inspired.
And u know what I am going to do with this aesthetic,
I am going to share this, this amazing enlightenment that came to me with the world. I want everyone to vibe with this.
So exercise is good.
But u know whats even better?
Cats are our salvation. Cats, they will be the human race’s messiah (no offense to dog lovers).
So why not do both?
My cat, my amazing buddy has introduced me to a brand new exercise.
Place ur feet on either side of ur cat standing up. Then go from leg to leg, tapping ur cats side.
Some may run away.
Others will ignore u.
And another set will try to grab each foot that touches him, turning it into a game.
It’s a win-win situation.
That is all, people of WordPress.

-high ramblings of a stoner