High Ramblings about Fears

I never really knew what I was afraid of. I never had that one fear that truly terrifies me. That would paralyze me. I’m fine with heights, spiders aren’t that big of a deal, and I actually like snakes. I’m not afraid of natural disasters, for the most part, or any more afraid than your average person, and I’m not really even afraid of death. Not saying there is no fear there, it’s just, I don’t live my life with that cloud hanging over me, tainting my perspective in shades of gray.

However, there is one thing that I admit absolutely terrifies me. This one thing gives me nightmares. Me, who watches horror movies nearly every day and reads horror stories and urban legends on the web. Me, who plays horror stories on youtube. Me who rarely if ever has nightmares.

And that thing is dinosaurs. Or rather more specifically meat eating dinosaurs. I don’t know what it is about them, maybe the fact that they are an unholy cross between chickens and snakes. Maybe cause they were probably the inspiration behind the myth of the basilisk and dragons. I don’t know but I have nightmares about them. In them, some others and I are sprinting away, trying to escape, when the snake chickens corner us or pick us off one by one. Till its only me left. And I feel them. I feel them as they sink their teeth into my flesh. I don’t know how that particular amount of pain would feel, but I feel a sort of shadow of it.

Well, that’s my greatest fear. I don’t know why but it is. Ind i guess that’s sort of a good thing since dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. So I suppose I dodged a bullet there. I don’t have to conquer my fears cause my fears have been vanquished.

-High ramblings of a stoner